Thing 16 / Classroom 2.0

The most amazing thing about Classroom 2.0 is the obvious, but it bears repeating – the amount of information now available at one’s fingertips is almost incomprehensible.  That point hits home with me every time I tell an  English class that William Shakespeare’s only two books while in school were the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer!

Obviously, there are a multiplicity of worthwhile discussions / resources of value on this site.  One in particular is the Connecting for Language Learners group, which offers the opportunity to connect with educators from around the globe.  Amplifying on that concept is a free site ( that sets up a global exchange for projects of any sort.  Because I teach English, I am interested in doing a story share.  Once I convey the country / region I am interested in, this site will find a partner.  I am excited to introduce this to my students in the Fall, as it will enhance cultural awareness and the sense that it is truly “one world”.

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